Month: April 2019

IGTC Indo visited by Mr. Hendrik Barkeling as a Minister (Deputy Head of German Embassy) and Mr. Stefan Schnepp as a Person incharge of Cooperation Development

Category : News

The visit to IGTC Indo by the Minister, Mr. Hendrik Barkeling and The Atache, Mr. Stefan Schnepp, to see the support of education development from The Federal Republic of Germany thru Germany Embassy in Jakarta to IGTC Indo in year 2018.
We are honored to have the trust from the country and highly appreciated for their attention on our education activities.

We thank you also to our Great Advisor, Mr. Till Freyer, who always support us with his excellent efforts and brilliant guidance!
Thank you too to the students from MMQ.2018.6 & 7 arrange some performances such as: YKK Design & Costume Project, Graduation Costume project and also to the great team work of the committee.
We thank you also for some trainers and management who could join this event: Ibu Diah R. Suharso, Ibu Inta Astyawati, Bpk. Ibnu Otslan, Bpk. Haidir, Bpk. Gunanto, Bpk. Sunaryo, Sdr. Bram Wahyo, Sdri. Anastasia Ratih.

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