IGTC visit to Coats Rejo Indonesia And YKK Indonesia

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The factory visit was held on 5th February 2018

PT. Coats Rejo Indonesia is a sewing thread factory located in Jl. Raya Tajur – Ciawi, Bogor.

This visit aims for students have a clear view with the product, its making and its workflow and its marketing. Technicians explain in detail for each process there. The students also had a factory tour.

PT. YKK Indonesia  is a big zipper factory located in Jl. Raya Jakarta Bogor Km. 29 Cimanggis Depok

By this visit, students can be very clear to have the YKK products, not only about zipper but also the other metal buttons, magic tape / Velcro. The students also had a factory tour there and seeing how a zipper can be made.

Documentations here

Graduation of MMQ.2016.2 and Ceremonial Graduation of MMQ.2016.3

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The graduation event was held on Sunday, 23rd July 2017 at Grand Savero Hotel, Bogor from 09:00 – 13:00, and opened by a welcoming dance presented by IGTC students. Attended by:

  • Executive Director, Mrs. Diah Suharso
  • Advisory Team IGTC Indo, Mr. Wira Sudjaja
  • Head Master Education of IGTC Indo, Mr. Aji Budi Sardadi
  • Advisory Team & Consultant of IGTC, Mr. Till Freyer
  • Representative from Compassion Indonesia, Mr. Marcellius Hendratma
  • Representative from CAD System Gemini, Mrs. Lindawati
  • Representative from Busana Remaja Agracipta, Ibu Nuri
  • Representative from Ameya Living Style Indonesia
  • Representative from Pan Brothers
  • All Trainers
  • Parents & Other honour guests

All performance in the graduation event was prepare and perform by the students.

The graduation costume which wore by the students and trainers are designed, made and sew by the students as well, they must make sure that the design is synchronized with the graduation theme, Asymmetric. After the design for the fashion pair are okay, approved by the trainer and the concern designer trainer, they can go ahead with the pattern and of course sewing and fitting as the final process.

All the graduates of both program classes were recruited by Garment Industries by before their last day studying in IGTC Indo, as Merchandisers, Quality Controllers, Quality Assurancers, Designer team, Costing team and Purchasing team.

Finally wish all the best and success all the time for the graduated students!

Documentations here

Orientation & Outbound time of MMQ.2015.1 class from date: 28 – 30 October 2015 at IGTC campus.

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On the first day of Orientation Time, we started with red & white dress code, in order to celebrate the Sumpah Pemuda Day. Some activities such as Vision & Mission, Professionality motivation. Also, game was being held to stimulate the teamwork and togetherness among the trainees.

On the second day, by wearing uniforms provided by IGTC, in blue polo shirts – a brand image color of IGTC, we did training for how to understand the weaknesses and obstacles and work on it. A game of making Shirt, Costing and Profit was being delivered to be simply practiced by the trainees.

On the 3rd day, we did activities Outbound to PT. Asmara Karya Abadi in Bogor, a buying agent for export garments. By introducing the trainees to the actual practical work in Garment Industries, such as PT. Asmara Karya Abadi, inspiring and mind map-ping them to understand the subjects which would be delivered in IGTC.

The trainees will learn garment knowledge for one year before able to work at garment industries.

Documentations here

First Class of MMQ.2015.1

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IGTC’s first class (MMQ.2015.1) will start on October 28, 2015. The starting date will coincide with Indonesia national day, Sumpah Pemuda. This is a good start for new trainees of IGTC to appreciate their ancestors and also to adopt the same passion of Sumpah Pemuda, THE UNITY.