Budi Joko Trisnoyuwono
Textile Technology

English Communication

Pattern Making, CAD (Gemini), Technical Sewing & Knitting

Graduate of A Textile Technology Institute with extensive knowledge of raw materials to garments. A member of the Management of PT. Satya Sumba Cemerlang. He greatly enjoys teaching.
S1 graduate of University of Sanata Dharma faculty Arts & Letters. Studied applied linguistics in Atmajaya University. Extensive teaching experience in teaching. A Vice Branch Manager in LIA Pakuan.
He has  10 years industrial garment experience as a lined-supervisor and supporting for 18 years in a former garment training center for teaching.


Fadli Baskoro


Ibnu Ostlan 

Export-Import Documentation

Nuke Pratama


Graduated from IGTC International 2009, head A bachelor degree from Univ. Pramita Indonesia for Human Resource Management and Master Degree from Univ. Pakuan for Law. His experience is line with his study and still maintaining compliance as his working experience as of now. And As a part timer in IGTC Indo for Compliance subject.
Ibnu’s 23 years experience of handling the logistics of exports and imports in factories and a Buying Office are valuable for our students. He loves to transfer his skills to future staff of the garment industry.
Nuke Pratama
Nuke has a Master Degree of Science from University Ravensburg, Germany. 16 years experience in IT and software development enable Nuke to transfer his knowledge to students.


Faizal Bachweres

Textile Technology

Dimas Seto Setiawan

Technical/Quality Assurance

Anastasia Ratih S.M

Technical, Volunteer

Having his bachelor from STT Textile Technology, Bandung in 2002. Experience in textile handling both for Merchandiser fabric and currently as A Manager Fabric in a famous buying house for market Europe and America. Deliverying Textile Technology Subject in IGTC Indo.
Graduated from IGTC International 2009, Been Experiencing in garment indutry from garment factory to a famous buying house, In Technical dept. With varies brands both USA and European. Passionly joined IGTC Indo as a trainer His contribution for the school who made.
Graduated from IGTC International in 2014. Is taking her bachelor in UT for Management & Business Administration. Been working in a famous buying house In Asmara Indonesia in Quality Assurance Technical Department with famous brand from Germany. She prefers to call “A Sharer” than A Lecturer. She is the most youngest but as energetic as the Senior Trainer in Education team of IGTC Indo.



Merchandising & Garment Related English

Dr. Ir. Reda Rizal M.Si 

Textile Technology

Graduated from IGTC International Been experiencing in a garment industry. In Merchandise departement with famous brand from Germany.

 He teaches Textile Material and Technology. He started his teaching carrier in 1983 in Textile Engineering. He holds Master of Environment Science degree in Textile Technology and PhD in Industrial Ecology. He is also member of Researcher Association in University Indonesia 


Production Engineering & Quality Management

Diah R.Suharso

Marketing,Merchandising, General & Garment Related English

Graduated from Univ. Trisakti, Jakarta, majoring  Industrial Engineering.  His experiences in Industrial Engineering from non-garment.And garment industries for fourteen years made him into An expert in this field. Being An ISO Consultant and Trainer in the previous. International Garment Training Center for 4 years was also added up his portfolio.
 Some years experiences as A Merchandiser with different brands both from USA and Europe counter her to dedicate with the same field as a Merchandising, General & Garment Related English Lecturer in previous International Garment Training Center for 5 years and is now dedicating in Indonesia Garment Training Center.