Diah R. Suharso, A. Md., S.S., M.T.

Marketing, Merchandising, General and Garment Related English

Studying at Binus University for Master Degree majoring Industrial Engineering. Bachelor of English Literature and had experienced in garment industry for around 12 years.

An experienced Senior Merchandiser who worked in factory and buying agent handling development sample until production for many famous brands. Had been joining since early IGTC (International Garment Training Center) in year 2010. A detail oriented, hard worker, and critical person.

A dedicated lecturer who share her knowledge and experience during the busy time being Executive Director of IGTC-Indo. An expertise of KYP Products, fabric, managing sampling, washing, costing, and all about lesson of Marketing, Merchandising, and Garment Related English.

Fahrudin, S.T.

Production Engineering and Quality Management

Graduate of Trisakti University majoring in Industrial Engineering. Experienced as Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering, and Management Development for some factories in Jabodetabek and Semarang since 2000.

An expert in production, quality, ISO, and being our best lecturer of Industrial Engineering who transfer knowledge and experience to all of students since 2012. He continued for being IGTC Indo Headmaster and lecturer in 2018 until present. 


Pattern Making, CAD (Gemini), Technical Sewing and Knitting

Had been joining since earlier IGTC (International Garment Training Centre) in year 2000. An expert of sewing, pattern maker, Gemini CAD, and flat knit in garment industry for around 10 years.

Specialist of sewing practice subject and pattern making both manual and computerize. With decades of experience in this industry, lead to guide the students to have their best practical skill.

H. Ibnu Otslan, S.S.

Export Shipment Terms

Graduated of Pakuan University majoring English literature. A dedicated lecturer who shares his knowledge and experience to all of students since earlier IGTC (International Garment Training Centre) in year 2002. Expert in export-import shipment terms subjects that very important to be essential knowledge before working in garment industry with export market oriented.

Had been working in factory garment since 1992 for around 8 years and in buying agent since year 2000 till present. He dedicates his spare time for lecturing and sharing his ability in export import area to all IGTC Indo Students.

Nuke Pratama, S.T., M.Sc.

Computer Literacy

Graduated of HS – Weingerten, Germany majoring Mechatronics for Master degree and ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) majoring electrical engineering for Bachelor degree. Focusing on computer literacy subjects that students need for their work later on.

Had been joining since earlier IGTC (International Garment Training Centre) in year 2008 and experienced in one of big auto company for around 8 years.

Dimas Seto Setiawan

Quality Assurance

Graduated of IGTC (International Garment Training Center) in 2009 majoring Marketing, Merchandising, and Quality Assurance. An expert in technical and quality assurance for around 12 years in garment factory and buying agent.

Having experience in handling some famous Europe brands. . He dedicates his knowledge and experience to the students during his spare time besides working in garment industry field. Always gives full support to this institution.

Fadli Baskoro, S.E., M.H.


Graduate of IGTC (International Garment Training Center) in year 2010 majoring Marketing, Merchandising, and Quality Assurance. Continued the study for Bachelor degrees in Paramita Indonesia majoring Economic and Master degrees in Pakuan University majoring law.

An experienced in Human Resources and Compliance since his first career after graduated for around 11 years. Achieve pass audit WRAP, BSCI, BWI, garment brand audit, also develop HR PROGRAM and HRIS for company. He dedicates his knowledge and experience to IGTC Indo students in his spare time besides his working time.

Wahyo Abraham

Fashion Designer

Graduated of IGTC (International Garment Training Center) in year 2012 majoring Marketing, Merchandising, and Quality Assurance. Working as fashion designer for more around 8 years in some garment factories and buying agent.

Being passionate on this subjects with the full heart share to all of students in IGTC-Indo. Winning numerous competitions as young designer such as First Winner Indonesia Young Fashion Designer Competition at Indonesia Fashion Week in year 2017. Has attended some fashion show events either national or international.

Being responsible for IGTC Graduation Costume for Graduation Event is also his part of his great dedication and passion to this institution.

Imam Mahmudi

Quality Control

Graduated of IGTC (International Garment Training Center) in 2012 majoring PPD. Working at one of company in Yogyakarta as Assistant Incharge QC and taking the opportunity as Brand tech manager.

A dedicated person who work in garment industry for almost 10 years. Being a positive is his key to be nice and spread the good vibes to the students. Passionate a lot in his job as quality control by putting all the efforts and detail on the work. During his busy time, he is able to share of his knowledge to IGTC-Indo’s students.

Henri Rialdi, S.Si.T

Textile Technology

Graduated from College of Textile Technology majoring Textile Chemistry. An expert of textile lecturer which at the same time work as Senior Product Development in one of big textile company in Indonesia.

An experienced in textile industry for more than 30 years since his beginning career. Textile is the main material in garment industry to be proceed into ready wear goods. Sharing this knowledge about this subject is the essential key for students to understand how the workflow of fabric production.

Aly Munajat

Technical Quality Assurance

Graduated from Bandung School of Textile Technology majoring Product Apparel. Continued the study in IPWI majoring Management. Experienced working in one of biggest retail fashion brand as Quality Assurance, Quality Control System, Quality Developer Auditor and Manufacturing Process for more than 20 years.

During his spare time, he has been dedicating himself for sharing his knowledge and experience as guess lecturer in IGTC since 2022