Never Give Up and Always Learning Lead Fahmi Badres to be Successful in Netherland
Fahmy Badres at Jolo Fashion Group, Netherland

Fahmi Badres is one of the alumni of IGTC (International Garment Training Center) who graduated in year 2011 majoring Marketing, Merchandising, and Quality Assurance. Now, he is working as Product Manager/Fashion Developer at Jolo Fashion Group, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherland, Europe.

He is handling NONO and Nobell Kids wear starting from salesman sample until bulk production. But, nevertheless also involved in creative part helping the designer making ccollections book, overview supplier, and editing photo of the photoshoot.

Here are his story how he started his career in Indonesia after graduating from IGTC until become a success person abroad.

How did you start your career in Netherland?

I started the job after graduating from IGTC as Quality Assurance in factory in Subang for around 1,5 years. Actually, I wanted to be Merchandiser at that time and had refuse that position because I fell like that job didn’t fit me. But, I kept the job as it is and worked professionally at that time.

However, it leads me to gain more experience. After finished the contract, I went back to hometown and got the job that I wanted as a Merchandiser in a factory. But, after some times I decided to join the family business, which is a home industry that’s running for the garment (mukena).

Before I started the school, I tried to apply for scholarships to study abroad, but I failed. I didn’t give up and kept saving money and I decided to go abroad, to visit my family and to study in Netherland. My very first job experience in Netherland was as a Hotel receptionist.

I studied in ROC van Amsterdam majoring in Fashion Developer (Jeans school, specific as denim developer) for an international course which is similar to IGTC one year course that gives specific garment subjects. After finished the study, I work as MD fashion development at Jolo Fashion Group.

What is your position and job description in that company now? What brand do you handle?

I work as a Merchandiser at Jolo Fashion Group, handling for NONO and Nobell’s kids wear. I am responsible for salesman sample, AP, and PP sample which includes giving a fitting and workmanship comment, until the bulk production.

I made a collection book, did photoshop of the photoshoot, and making an overview supplier. I like it the most when we are having a photoshoot session. We are a girl kids brand, it’s so much fun looking at a kid doing their action in front of the camera. They are adorable and cute!

What is your motivation working in Netherland? Why not other countries?

First, I really want to work abroad and it was my dream since long time ago. Why I choose Netherland? I traveled to some European countries, such as France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Spain, etc. But, I found the Netherland is more homie since I could fin lots of Indonesian and any Indonesian food.

It’s maybe because the Netherlands was colonial with Indonesia for around 3,5 centuries. I could found tempeh, tofu, kerupuk, varieties of sambals, and lots of Indonesian dishes. It makes me feel comfortable and like a home here. Once I miss my hometown or my country, I can eat Indonesian foods at there.

In which country do you handle the production?

We pass the order for bulk production in Chinas. Hopefully we can give the order to factory in Indonesia also one day.

How is the difference between working in Indonesia and Netherland?

There are no significant differences between working in Fashion Industry in Indonesia and in Netherland since it is in the same field in fashion. The difference is just I’m working as the buyer and I am responsible for the decision that I and my team made for the product that we develop into the finished garment in the shop.

The working environment is more relaxed in Netherlands. We work for fun and we do what we love. Of course, there is pressure in any job, but it is we do it as our responsibilities. There is no boss here, but there is a team that supports each other.

The working time is also flexible, I need to work 8 hours a day including the break times, I could choose the working time in anytime before 10.00 am. For example, if I start the job at 07.00 am in the morning then I could leave at 03.00 pm. If starts at 10.00 am then I should leave at 06.00 pm.

We are responsible for the working times ourselves. We can work at home also or anywhere sometimes.

Did you feel culture shock in Netherland?

Culture shock? Of course yes, because we come from different country and culture. But I can’t tell much here. Hehe.

Could you give some words or motivation to all of students in IGTC-Indo?

First, Keep learning.

Do not stop learning new stuff. Well, at my age I’m still learning new stuff, it’s good to improve our skills. At the moment I struggle with the language here, but I don’t stop learning the language which is Dutch something very new for me, even though the daily work communication in the office is English.

Second, Don’t give up.

Do not easily give up on what you have right now, be grateful, and keep trying to achieve your goal in a professional way. In my experience, I didn’t give up on what I had in my first job as Quality Assurance before. I gained experience from that to achieve to goals that I wanted as a merchandiser, but I kept dreaming until I could do to Netherland.

Third, Chase your dreams.

I dreamed to work abroad and I kept those dreams as a motivation, and I gave all the efforts and belief in myself that those dreams will come true.

How to be Successful Abroad, Sharing With Alumni Fahmi Badres – On Thursday, 27th January 2022, IGTC’s students got sharing experience from an alumni of IGTC (International Garment Training Center) who graduated in 2011 and now he is working as Product Manager/Fashion Developer at Jolo Fashion Group, Netherland, Europe.

We held sharing class via Zoom Meeting at 16.45 after finish the class due to different time between Indonesia and Europe around 6 hours. While Fahmi had this meeting at around 11.00 o’clock in Netherland.

Yes, he works abroad and being a successful professional there. It shows that the chance to be success in overseas is wide open. Every graduates of IGTC – Indo can follow his success and reach their dream to work abroad in any countries they want.

It will give new experience, insight, knowledge, and of course good salary. If in Indonesia the students can work as employee in garment factory or buying agent as supplier, then they can be buyer in Europe, America, or other countries.

The students are really enthusiast and curious about Fahmy’s life and how he can start the career in Netherland. Especially Fahmi is one of alumni of IGTC and all trainees should be proud to him and proud to be student of IGTC.

Fahmi Badres is one of good example and make the students are motivated. Fahmi shared his experience and stories how he never stop to learn and move forward to reach his dream.

During the Zoom Meeting, the students really paid attention to what he explained and because of their curiosity, a lot of questions come to Fahmi. Unfortunately, due to limit time as Fahmi had to continue his work, then the students are unable to ask more questions.

Fahmi showed his office area and some samples of the brand “Nono” and “Nobell” that he handle. One of students saw something interesting that make his mind amazed.

“I saw the automatic lamp and it is very nice. No need a lot of motion to switch on or switch off the lamp and just raise your hand,” said Nafesh.

“We have to keep our mind to be positive and keep confident because as we can see bro Fahmi being a success person right now because he never give up about his life,” said Nadia.

Before being a success Merchandiser right now, he almost give up to his first position as Quality Control in one of factory in Subang after graduate from IGTC. But, he took that opportunity as a lesson to have more experience and now he reach his dream to be an MD.

But, before we closed the Zoom Meeting, Fahmi gave some motivations and message to all of students in IGTC-Indo.

“Don’t stop learning, don’t give up with your position, and keep chase your dreams,” said Fahmi.

We thanks very much to Fahmi Badres who support us by sharing his knowledge and experience to all of students in IGTC-Indo during his busy time working in Netherland.

Good luck Fahmi and hopefully you become more success!

Meet Alumni of IGTC Since 2009
Ms. Pascalina, Mrs. Devi, Mr. Sunaryo, Mr. Dimas, Ms. Okti, Mrs. Diah, Mr. Fadli, Mr. Fahrudin – Saturday, 22nd January, 2022 Trainer Team of IGTC Indo. Four of five are IGTC Indo trainers and alumni. They are from graduates:

2009 – Dimas Seto
2010 – Fadli Putra T.
2011 – Devi M. Prakastiwi
2012 – Pascalina Irbani

Proud of them. Proven that sustainable career graduated from IGTC is not merely how to make career in the garment industry, but also education sector is widely welcomed. Experience and integrity are the qualifications.

Other trainers on the picture:
Diah Subarso


Mr. Ibnu Otslan’s First Class for MMQ 14 & 15 – Today is the first class of Mr. Ibnu Otslan for MMQ.2021.14 & 15. They got export-import shipment terms lesson that very useful for their work later in garment industry.

The graduates of IGTC-Indo are preparing to be ready for working especially in garment industry with export market oriented. Then, this knowledge about export-import is very important thing so they know how the goods should be exported, how the import material should be inhouse on time, and of course the documents that need to be prepared as per requirement.

“Today’s class is the most enthusiast class ever,” said Nadia one of the MMQ.2021.14’ss students.

All of the trainees looked very enthusiast with the lesson and tried to ask what they want to know about export and import even until the time is up. Luckily, Mr.Ibnu Otslan always make sure that all students understand in every session.

“For example about shipping instruction, he only explained that one and didn’t move until we are all understand,” add Nadia.

It means this subject made them curious and they wanted to know how the export-import rules is. It must be good sign that most of them should be interest and understand clearly as preparation for their work later.

Mr. Ibnu Otslan is one of the best professional lecturers in IGTC and had share his knowledge more than 10 years. He experienced in export-import especially garment industry for around 20 years. IGTC-Indo is lucky having him as the lecturer. He always support IGTC and teach the students in between his works at PT Asmara Karya Abadi.

Thank you so much for today’s fun learning, Mr. Ibnu!

Farewell of Mrs. Audrey S. Paulina – Saturday, 15th January 2022 is the last day of Mrs. Audrey S. Paulina join with IGTC. She gave us a lot of knowledge in General English subject and helped for some administrations works. We feel regret if any wrong statement or behavior that might hurt her.

For more than one year we had memorable moments either with students, staffs, or trainers. The students got more improvement in writing, speaking, or listening so they can follow the lessons well.

English is the main language of our activities especially during office hour. If any students speak in Bahasa or other language, then they will get punishment. We have five minutes talking program also to improve English’s skill of all students.

Mrs. Audrey got more involvement for this program then we feel very grateful for that. We say thank you very much for everything during her time in IGTC – Indo. It must be unforgettable moments ever.

Good luck Mrs. Audrey and enjoy your life. Thank you very much!

Students of MMQ 14 & 15 with Mrs. Audrey
Semester 1 Test of MMQ 14 & 15

Starting 27th Dec to 30th Dec 2021, IGTC held test for semester 1. There were four main subjects that must be presented by the students. We did the test in different ways to know the capability of students either they understand all the subjects clearly or not.

We didn’t do writing test such as essay or multiple choice as we would like to know how much the students understand all of subjects we teached. They even can’t cheat during the test because they directly get the questions from the trainer and must explain clearly based on lucky draw.

This kind of test really worth it to do so the trainers know what are the weakness and strength of students. Some students might excellent in one or all subjects.

The first day on 21st December 2021, students did the test of Industrial Engineering with Mr. Fachrudin and Computer Literacy with Mr. Nuke. The next day on 22nd December 2021, the subjects was Flat Knit with Mr. Sunaryo and Marketing Merchandising subject with Mrs. Diah.

Due to the time is not enough, on December 29th 2021, the rest of students must presented Industrial Engineering and Marketing Merchandising subject. Then, the last day on 30th December, the subject was General English with Mrs. Audrey and Mrs. Devi Murti.

The students must understands some topics in all of subjects, those are:

  • Marketing Merchandising (Q & A) : KYP Woven, KYP Circular Knit, KYP Lab Test, KYP Washing, and Managing Sampling
  • Industrial Engineering (Q & A) : Operation Breakdown, SMV – Standard Minute Value, Line Balancing, Lay Out
  • General English (Lucky Dray) : Simple Past vs Simple Present, Simple Future vs Future Continuous, Part of speech, Verbal vs Nominal Sentences, Passive vs Active Voice, and Past Perfect vs Present Perfect vs Future Perfect
  • Flat Knit: KYP Flat Knit

Some of students did good presentation, but some of them must did remedial on around 1st week of January. By doing this kind of test, the students must understand clearly all the subjects so they can present it well.