IGTC Indo (Premature) Graduates Who Started to Work Earlier

They are IGTC Indo (premature) graduates who started to work earlier. This is their first day come to work in the Industry.

Two-three months before the graduation day, gratefully they have been confirmed recruited by the companies.

Companies save training time as our students are familiar with garment terminologies like you can say: lab-dip, handloom, strike-off, SMV, production time study, shade lot, FOB Costing, or pilot/proto/fitting samples, AQL, 4-point system, wholesaler vs retailer, Compliance, lab-testing or how to treat fabric pre cut for the circular knit, collection per year, fast fashion and so on.
The integrated work flow is there, it’s complexity of the total manufacturing process system which IGTC Indo delivered.

But, we don’t stop learning. International fashion, technologies and market demands which we believe increasing from time to time, require us to deliver more complete and sophisticated ones.

A compact of computerized pattern & design such as CLO is our future consideration to offer the industry.
Who is willing to have it?? You may contact us 👍


The graduates of IGTC Indo, program study MMQ.2020.11, 12

They are the graduates of IGTC Indo, program study MMQ.2020.11, 12.

had studied for 12 months after they graduated from Senior High School from any discipline of majors. All of them were recruited by clothing companies while they were studying in IGTC Indo. Right after their graduation event in IGTC Indo, they went to the area where they were going to work, then.

Right now, some of them are taking for their bachelor and the rest are preparing for the tuition! They are absolutely financially independent! They pay for their life, they pay for the study now. What independent and productive young people are!

MMQ.2020.11, 12 – MMQ program study. Marketing, Merchandising & Quality Assurance