Selamat Jalan Pak Till Freyer, by Handoko

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Saya bertemu dengan almarhum Pak Till Freyer dikenalkan oleh Pak Kenny Wirya di International Garment Training Center (IGTC).

Saya bersyukur dengan perkenalan tersebut, juga dengan mengetahui tentang IGTC.
Karena almarhum telah membangun IGTC menjadi salah satu pusat pelatihan vokasi garment terbaik di Indonesia.

IGTC sekarang menjadi Indonesia Garment Training Center, dan tetap menjadi salah satu pusat pelatihan vokasi yg terbaik.

Compassion Indonesia sudah bekerjasama dengan IGTC sebanyak 5 angkatan, dan melatih ratusan lulusan SMA dari keluarga prasejahtera yang berasal dari wilayah-wilayah yg banyak pabrik-pabrik garmen investasi internasional melalui program vokasi 1 tahun. Sebagian mereka berasal dari keluarga-keluarga prasejahtera yang hanya mampu menjadi satpam, tenaga buruh, dan lainnya di pabrik-pabrik tersebut.

Selama 5 angkatan, setiap lulusan langsung mendapatkan pekerjaan di perusahaan-perusahaan garment terbaik di Indonesia sesudah graduation. Lulusan-lulusan ini bukan lagi menjadi buruh atau tenaga kontrak.
Mereka menjadi staf penuh waktu, ahli di bidangnya dengan kemampuan bahasa Inggris yg baik.
Dan mereka mendapatkan gaji di atas UMR, mandiri secara keuangan, memperbaiki ekonomi keluarga mereka, mempunyai karir yg baik, dan beberapa melanjutkan S1 dengan biaya mereka sendiri.

Seorang almarhum Till bukanlah orang Indonesia, tetapi dialah Indonesia sejati dengan karyanya memberkati dan berdampak untuk Indonesia🙏

Selamat jalan almarhum pak Till Freyer.

Promotional Video

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Indonesia Garment Training Center

We open the registration and welcome for the MMQ (Marketing Merchandising & Quality Assurance) program with short period of study only for 12 months.For further information kindly check the link and our contact below :


Address : Jl. KH. Sholeh Iskandar No.77 Tanah Sareal, Bogor Utara, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat, 16164
Website :
Contact :
(+62)888-0902-3970 (Whatsapp)
Instagram : @igtc.indo
Facebook : Indonesia Garment Training Center

Grateful for Till Freyer, sponsor of the promotional video.


IGTC Indo. Profesional, Sukses, Bisa~

May You Rest In Peace Mr Budi (Textile Guest Lecturer)

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We glad to having you as Textile Lecturer, you used to have no problem teaching in the midst of your busy life. Spending your weekend for IGTC trainee.

Thank you Mr Budi Tjoko Trisnoyuwono, may you rest in peace.

IGTC Indo visited by Mr. Hendrik Barkeling as a Minister (Deputy Head of German Embassy) and Mr. Stefan Schnepp as a Person incharge of Cooperation Development

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The visit to IGTC Indo by the Minister, Mr. Hendrik Barkeling and The Atache, Mr. Stefan Schnepp, to see the support of education development from The Federal Republic of Germany thru Germany Embassy in Jakarta to IGTC Indo in year 2018.
We are honored to have the trust from the country and highly appreciated for their attention on our education activities.

We thank you also to our Great Advisor, Mr. Till Freyer, who always support us with his excellent efforts and brilliant guidance!
Thank you too to the students from MMQ.2018.6 & 7 arrange some performances such as: YKK Design & Costume Project, Graduation Costume project and also to the great team work of the committee.
We thank you also for some trainers and management who could join this event: Ibu Diah R. Suharso, Ibu Inta Astyawati, Bpk. Ibnu Otslan, Bpk. Haidir, Bpk. Gunanto, Bpk. Sunaryo, Sdr. Bram Wahyo, Sdri. Anastasia Ratih.

Documentations here

The winner of Indonesia Young Fashion Design Competition 2019 is Wahyo Abraham an IGTC Indo trainer for fashion clothing design

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Indonesia Fashion Week or IFW is the biggest fashion week in Indonesia that being held annually since 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta. The event is arranged by Indonesian Fashion Entrepreneurs and Designers Association (APPMI), reflecting and promoting Indonesian culture in fashion. Fashion shows from different designers, fairs, modelling and design competition are arranged on the occasion.

Wahyo Abraham is the trainer for fashion clothing designer in IGTC Indo, HAS WON the competition for Indonesia Young Fashion Design Competition at Indonesia Fashion Week. He is also one of the talented IGTC alumni. He has sorted out from 300 participants on this competition. It’s his many times to be on the such competition stages.

All the students & IGTC Indo team join the event to proud of and support him to become the Champion on Saturday, 30th March 2019.


To all young generations, don’t be tired to chase your Champion and always show your life performance!

Documentations here

Indonesia International Textile & Garment Expo – 2019

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Indo Intertex 2019 – Indonesia International Textile & Garment Expo is the biggest and the most influential event in the textile and garment industry of South East-Asia. This exhibition was held co-located with the Inatex, Indo Texprint, and Indo Dyechem.

Students of MMQ.2018.6 & 7 are with Mr Werner Schwebig at PRYM booth. PRYM is Germany’s oldest family company and has been known for centuries for metal products of the highest quality, ranging from sewing needles, fastening and accessories for garment and apparel industry. Mr Werner Schwebig is standing beside Mrs Inta Astyawati, the General English Trainer & Education in charge and also with Mr Fahrudin, the Head Master, also with Mr Haidir, the pattern trainer which missing in the photo.

Have fun and get knowledge as much as!

Documentations here

Graduation day MMQ.2017.4 & 5 at Grand Savero Hotel, Bogor on 29 July 2018

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Congratulation to all students. You are reaching the goal for your hard work, effort, positive thinking, honest and of course your good deed. thank you for being our students. We wish you success, all the best for you!
They are now working in garment companies in the mid level management position. 2 months prior to the graduation, they signed their job contract with the companies. Congratulations!

Thank you for the speech on the occasion: Ibu Diah Suharso as an Executive Director of Yayasan Garmen Indonesia, Mr. Till Freyer, Mrs. Oxana Paustjan from Germany Embassy, Bpk. Handoko Ngadiman as a National Director of Compassion Indonesia, Mr. Lal Syam Uttam as the owner of Busana Remaja Agracipta.

We also thank to our great education team, stakeholders, companies who always support us, PT Asmara Indonesia, PT Ameya Livingstyle Indonesia, PT. Busana Remaja Agracipta, PTMulia Cemerlang Abadi, PT. Leetex, Groz Beckert, PT. Coats Indonesia, Germany Embassy, our great grandpa Till Freyer, IGTC alumni as “Kakak Asuh” who sponsor the students, Bpk Imran, Mrs. Sandra, also our best friends Bpk. Ami Sudarwin, Ibu Ratna Setyaningsih, Bpk. Burhan, Hani Purnawanti

Documentations here

Participants of Diklat Sertifikasi Keahlian dan Sertifikasi Pendidik untuk Guru SMA / SMK (Keahlian Ganda) Angkatan II by PPPPTK Bispar under Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Visit IGTC

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Participants of Diklat Sertifikasi Keahlian dan Sertifikasi Pendidik untuk Guru SMA / SMK (Keahlian Ganda) Angkatan II by PPPPTK Bispar under Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Visit IGTC  on April 27th, 2018.

The expectation of this visit is to get new knowledge about garment export industry especially how IGTC educates and trains young people to become dedicated Professionals for the Garment Industry.

Viva Guru Indonesia!

Documentations Here

Store Check at Pondok Indah Mall by IGTC Indo -MMQ 4 & 5 on 28th March 2018

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Store Check done by IGTC Indo – MMQ4 & 5 at PIM, Jakarta.

Style and fashion analyzing, comparing price, styles, workmanship and market level among the competitors and even the benchmark level.

Nice and happy to see they enjoyed every moment of this excursions, didn’t see that they were not happy but they loved what they did!!

Documentations here


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We don’t only study garments but also A Bra (Brassiere)! One of our sponsored company, share this knowledge to our students from designing and patterning. And we have the project how to finish it! BINGO!

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