Meeting with the Compassion Indonesia

What a fantastic meeting with the Compassion Indonesia Team, including Bpk. Agus S. Yunus, the Partnership Manager, and Bpk. Fandy Saputra, the Partnership Facilitator with Ibu Diah Suharso, the Executive Director of IGTC Indo!

For nearly a decade, IGTC Indo has enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Compassion Indonesia. Our shared vision and mission are dedicated to empowering the young generation to achieve financial independence by providing them with quality assets, knowledge, and skills. Each batch of sponsorship is unique, and despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have not only survived but thrived. Today, we continue to navigate global conditions, growing alongside the youth.

Grateful and thank you 🙏🙏
Compassion Indonesia

Anantha Kumar’s Visit

Sharing & Motivation are necessary for those who are going to be boosted of successful spirit!

The young generation, our students are ready to explore their best effort and passion in the industry.

Thank you Bpk Anantha Kumar for your visit and sharing your best motivation!


Graduation Event of MMQ.2022.16 & 17

Graduation Event of MMQ.2022.16 & 17 in Grand Savero Hotel, Bogor on Sunday, 23 July 2023

Special grateful and honored for the guests participated in: Bp. Fandy Saputra from IGTC Indo students sponsor Compassion Indonesia, Mr. Avdhesh Sharma as CEO Asmara International, Mr. Hemant Jain as Country Manager of Asmara Indonesia, ibu Sarlita as a Marketing Manager of Lucky Print Abadi, Ibu Nuri as a Manager Innovation Design Development of Busana Remaja Agracipta, Bp. Indra Purnomo as Director of Ega Wayang Garment, Mr. Rajeev Kapoor as a Director of Fashion Team, Bp. Dedi Kurnia as our sewing thread support, as a Senior Sales & Global Account Manager, Mr. Damika from Texcraft, Basyarah as a Senior Merchandiser from s.Oliver Rep., Ibu Diantri as a HRD Manager of Busana Apparel Group, Bp. Wira & Ibu Elfi, ibu Ratna from Asmara Indonesia.

Our special appreciation to IGTC Indo education team & Guest Lecturer: Ibu Diah Suharso, Bp. Sunaryo, Bp. Nuke, Bp. Ibnu Otslan, Bp. Fahrudin, Mrs. Rupashi Kapoor, Bp. Abdul, Bp. Aly Munajat, Bp. Henry Rialdi, Bp. Fadli, Wahyo Bram, Mr. Jade Keum, Bp. Imam Mahmudi, Bp. Dimas Seto, The supervisors of Final Project: Haris Shafa, Alexs Sinaga, Sri Mulyani.
The parents of the trainees
The alumni of old IGTC & IGTC Indo
The IGTC Indo best friends

Graduation costume textiled by PT. Lucky Print Abadi
Textile artwork designed by Bram Wahyo
Clothing designed by trainees of IGTC Indo

Continual exclusive sponsors: Compassion Indonesia, Coats Indonesia, Groz-Beckert, Barunesia Jayadi & Gemini (CAD).

All of the trainees have successfully completed the study training programs and projects with astonishing result. All the best for the future to all of the trainees!

IGTC Indo’s February Bulletin
Product Knowledge & Productivity by Groz Beckert

Product knowledge & Productivity by Groz Beckert team, Bpk. Damai Wicaksana & Bpk. Teguh on Tuesday, 28 February 2023, in IGTC Indo.

Groz Beckert is a worldwide company for the supply of sewing needle in Germany who support IGTC Indo for years.
Sewing needle is small part but with big main role in workmanship and technical issue as well as good productivity as the whole efficiency & effectiveness target.

Viva Groz Beckert & IGTC Indo.

Sharing with the CEO of Asmara International

Thank you for the visit and valuable sharing Bpk. Avdhesh Sharma, the CEO of Asmara International.

The good and mutual cooperation would always be as highlights for turning better points in many aspects.

PT Asmara Karya Abadi, IGTC Indo

December 2022 Highlight
Annual Educative Visit

An annual educative visit to Coats Indonesia on Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 by MMQ.2022.16 & 17.

We thank you for Coats Indonesia and Bpk. Dedi Kurnia for the warm welcome, knowledge, experiences and also the factory tour shared on the visit. Coats Indonesia is also one of the supported company to IGTC Indo since established in 2015.