A. The advantages for Company (es)

  • Stating the Sponsors’ names & their logos on our website will promote them direct & indirectly to their strategic costumer.
  • Doing this on the wall-megazine in IGTC reveals the names of the Sponsors are recognized by IGTC staff and the trainees.
  • This is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.
  • Participate in the increasing social welfare and to educate youngsters in Indonesia, this means actively participate developing Textile & Garment industries.
  • At the same time, the Sponsors may recruites the best graduates from us.

B. The advantages for Indonesia Garment Training Center

  • To support the weak and poor trainees to continue their study.
  • 100% Job Warranty.
  • To help the government eradicate poverty in a small scale by providing 100% job placement.
  • To promote a better relationship with the Sponsors.

C. The advantages for Garment Industries in Indonesia

  • To enhance the Human Resource Development professionally needed in the garment industries in Indonesia and to compete with those of abroad in the world market.
  • To become catalisator to empower the Human Resource Departement in garment industrial-sector to faster the growth.
  • To minimize the training time for the new candidates recruited from IGTC

D. The advantages for Indonesia

  • To better the Human Resource Department in export garment industry.
  • To minimize the unemployement of the country.
  • The sponsorship helps the needy and the family take part in this national development in eradicating the poverty problem