English Short Course Program

English is the first main language in international communication. So, having good skill in this global era is very important especially for you who are interest working overseas and communicate with foreigners. IGTC-Indo is one of the institution help the students who are willing to get the career easier and earlier in middle management level.

English is one of the main subjects that must be mastered by all the students. it helps to gain more career in international garment industry, to communicate will all partners overseas, and foreigner.

We are open English short course program to help you improve English skill both written and spoken. It is available in two 3 months program and 6 months program starting on April 2022. Let’s join with us and be fluently in speaking or writing English.

This English short course program is kind of preparation to improve prospective students’ skill before join IGTC.

IGTC has high standard that the candidate must having English skill before join to this training centre. It helps much in studying, so they can understand easily the learning process in class.

English is the main important skill that students must have before they work in garment industry. They have to meet buyer, supplier, manager, and some foreign people who are working in this industry.