Assessment Test of Candidate IGTC-Indo Period 2022/2023 – March 2022 – Assessment test of candidate IGTC-Indo period 2022/2023 has been
started since March 2022. All candidates who want to join IGTC-Indo can visit our training
centre at Tanah Sareal, Bogor, West Java, for the assessment with health protocol.

Having study in IGTC Indo is the beneficious education investment. Why? If your study
performance in IGTC Indo is satisfying, the job placement would be the most benefit you.
For the IGTC Indo graduates, most of companies cooperate with IGTC Indo, gives good
starting offers amount. In amount, break event point investment reach into starting from six
months post graduate & working at immediate time. Thus, our graduates would be in mid-
level management position in most of the companies.