Farewell of Mrs. Audrey S. Paulina

IGTC-Indo.or.id – Saturday, 15th January 2022 is the last day of Mrs. Audrey S. Paulina join with IGTC. She gave us a lot of knowledge in General English subject and helped for some administrations works. We feel regret if any wrong statement or behavior that might hurt her.

For more than one year we had memorable moments either with students, staffs, or trainers. The students got more improvement in writing, speaking, or listening so they can follow the lessons well.

English is the main language of our activities especially during office hour. If any students speak in Bahasa or other language, then they will get punishment. We have five minutes talking program also to improve English’s skill of all students.

Mrs. Audrey got more involvement for this program then we feel very grateful for that. We say thank you very much for everything during her time in IGTC – Indo. It must be unforgettable moments ever.

Good luck Mrs. Audrey and enjoy your life. Thank you very much!

Students of MMQ 14 & 15 with Mrs. Audrey