How to be Successful Abroad, Sharing With Alumni Fahmi Badres – On Thursday, 27th January 2022, IGTC’s students got sharing experience from an alumni of IGTC (International Garment Training Center) who graduated in 2011 and now he is working as Product Manager/Fashion Developer at Jolo Fashion Group, Netherland, Europe.

We held sharing class via Zoom Meeting at 16.45 after finish the class due to different time between Indonesia and Europe around 6 hours. While Fahmi had this meeting at around 11.00 o’clock in Netherland.

Yes, he works abroad and being a successful professional there. It shows that the chance to be success in overseas is wide open. Every graduates of IGTC – Indo can follow his success and reach their dream to work abroad in any countries they want.

It will give new experience, insight, knowledge, and of course good salary. If in Indonesia the students can work as employee in garment factory or buying agent as supplier, then they can be buyer in Europe, America, or other countries.

The students are really enthusiast and curious about Fahmy’s life and how he can start the career in Netherland. Especially Fahmi is one of alumni of IGTC and all trainees should be proud to him and proud to be student of IGTC.

Fahmi Badres is one of good example and make the students are motivated. Fahmi shared his experience and stories how he never stop to learn and move forward to reach his dream.

During the Zoom Meeting, the students really paid attention to what he explained and because of their curiosity, a lot of questions come to Fahmi. Unfortunately, due to limit time as Fahmi had to continue his work, then the students are unable to ask more questions.

Fahmi showed his office area and some samples of the brand “Nono” and “Nobell” that he handle. One of students saw something interesting that make his mind amazed.

“I saw the automatic lamp and it is very nice. No need a lot of motion to switch on or switch off the lamp and just raise your hand,” said Nafesh.

“We have to keep our mind to be positive and keep confident because as we can see bro Fahmi being a success person right now because he never give up about his life,” said Nadia.

Before being a success Merchandiser right now, he almost give up to his first position as Quality Control in one of factory in Subang after graduate from IGTC. But, he took that opportunity as a lesson to have more experience and now he reach his dream to be an MD.

But, before we closed the Zoom Meeting, Fahmi gave some motivations and message to all of students in IGTC-Indo.

“Don’t stop learning, don’t give up with your position, and keep chase your dreams,” said Fahmi.

We thanks very much to Fahmi Badres who support us by sharing his knowledge and experience to all of students in IGTC-Indo during his busy time working in Netherland.

Good luck Fahmi and hopefully you become more success!