Mr. Ibnu Otslan’s First Class for MMQ 14 & 15 – Today is the first class of Mr. Ibnu Otslan for MMQ.2021.14 & 15. They got export-import shipment terms lesson that very useful for their work later in garment industry.

The graduates of IGTC-Indo are preparing to be ready for working especially in garment industry with export market oriented. Then, this knowledge about export-import is very important thing so they know how the goods should be exported, how the import material should be inhouse on time, and of course the documents that need to be prepared as per requirement.

“Today’s class is the most enthusiast class ever,” said Nadia one of the MMQ.2021.14’ss students.

All of the trainees looked very enthusiast with the lesson and tried to ask what they want to know about export and import even until the time is up. Luckily, Mr.Ibnu Otslan always make sure that all students understand in every session.

“For example about shipping instruction, he only explained that one and didn’t move until we are all understand,” add Nadia.

It means this subject made them curious and they wanted to know how the export-import rules is. It must be good sign that most of them should be interest and understand clearly as preparation for their work later.

Mr. Ibnu Otslan is one of the best professional lecturers in IGTC and had share his knowledge more than 10 years. He experienced in export-import especially garment industry for around 20 years. IGTC-Indo is lucky having him as the lecturer. He always support IGTC and teach the students in between his works at PT Asmara Karya Abadi.

Thank you so much for today’s fun learning, Mr. Ibnu!