Semester 1 Test of MMQ 14 & 15

Starting 27th Dec to 30th Dec 2021, IGTC held test for semester 1. There were four main subjects that must be presented by the students. We did the test in different ways to know the capability of students either they understand all the subjects clearly or not.

We didn’t do writing test such as essay or multiple choice as we would like to know how much the students understand all of subjects we teached. They even can’t cheat during the test because they directly get the questions from the trainer and must explain clearly based on lucky draw.

This kind of test really worth it to do so the trainers know what are the weakness and strength of students. Some students might excellent in one or all subjects.

The first day on 21st December 2021, students did the test of Industrial Engineering with Mr. Fachrudin and Computer Literacy with Mr. Nuke. The next day on 22nd December 2021, the subjects was Flat Knit with Mr. Sunaryo and Marketing Merchandising subject with Mrs. Diah.

Due to the time is not enough, on December 29th 2021, the rest of students must presented Industrial Engineering and Marketing Merchandising subject. Then, the last day on 30th December, the subject was General English with Mrs. Audrey and Mrs. Devi Murti.

The students must understands some topics in all of subjects, those are:

  • Marketing Merchandising (Q & A) : KYP Woven, KYP Circular Knit, KYP Lab Test, KYP Washing, and Managing Sampling
  • Industrial Engineering (Q & A) : Operation Breakdown, SMV – Standard Minute Value, Line Balancing, Lay Out
  • General English (Lucky Dray) : Simple Past vs Simple Present, Simple Future vs Future Continuous, Part of speech, Verbal vs Nominal Sentences, Passive vs Active Voice, and Past Perfect vs Present Perfect vs Future Perfect
  • Flat Knit: KYP Flat Knit

Some of students did good presentation, but some of them must did remedial on around 1st week of January. By doing this kind of test, the students must understand clearly all the subjects so they can present it well.